Entertainment2000Advertising Marketing & Promotion Agency

Entertainment2000Advertising Marketing & Promotion Agency

  Independent Tahitian Noni Distributor

Entertainment2000Advertising Marketing  Promotion Agency is an internet startup changing the world by... promoting, advertising and  marketing health, wellness and financial freedom, specializing in FREE Advertising since 1989.

Entertainment2000Advertising, Marketing & Promotion Agency, offers advertising, promotional and marketing packages conducive to the client's budgets and need at an affordable price. Advertising and Marketing packages include: suggestive ad placements that are sound, simple and honest, attuned to consumers, and expressly providing assistance and information on how to best sale an individual product, skill or service.

Specialties: marketing and promotions, creating productive, structured advertising campaigns, entertainment networks across the country, generating income, stimulating the economy.

At the age of 15 years old, as a young girl, in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, I dreamt of being an Artist living on a far away island, painting on a seashore. Dreams on hold, have been employed as a Banker, Publicist, Investigative Reporter Writer/Author and in sales and marketing for 30+ years and now am venturing to create and expand the internet home based business and income of Entertainment2000Advertising,Marketing & Promotion Agency, whose interests lean towards Transportation (capturing dreams of far-a-way islands), Health & Wellness, while specializing in FREE Advertising since 1989.

The information Entertainment2000Advertising,Marketing & Promotion Agency provides is never an obligation, only options, opportunities, choices and decisions. Join us today and start building a wide and deep downline in a number of traffic exchange programs and a list of "best of breed" income generating programs. To make recruiting even easier we give you some great free marketing tools every online marketer needs.

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Do you have a website? Are you interested in advertising and marketing your website or owning your Own domain? What are your interests and how I may assist you?  May I send you more info?  =>  enterta2000@yahoo.com 

Who I'd like to meet? I am ambitious to work with a few key people who are ready, willing and able to build a real global business, both online and offline. Doesn’t take rocket science to earn money!

We started to truly focus on building a Internet business 10 years ago, and as everyone, have learned a lot during the beginning years and really appreciate "communication" as one of the most important service we offer as business people to others .